Why we shouldn’t say hate

At the end of 2016 my friends asked me, if i had any New Year resolutions. Nah, not really. This made me think of some change which might be beneficial for me and for other people as well. Nowadays theres so much stuff communicated through media, social media and other channels. When you listen carefully, countless people often use the word „Hate“. Daily. In front of so many others.

„I hate it!“

„I hate my job!“

„I don’t drink orange juice. I hate it!“


Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about this word:

„Hatred or hate is a deep and extreme emotional dislike. It can be directed against individuals, groups, entities, objects, behaviors, or ideas. Hatred is often associated with feelings of angerdisgust and a disposition towards hostility.“

Wow. That’s how you feel about orange juice or your job. Intense. I don’t think you hate it, you just don’t like it. I mean, you can say whatever you want. My point is we should be more aware of what we say, because what you say does have an impact on other people. Did you watch the news? Sometimes you will hear or see news from a warzone, people kill eachother. That is related to hate. They can’t agree or get along with eachother. So they kill. Imagine how they feel. Is that a good feeling? Do you feel good when you „hate“? I don’t think so. Still, people use this word in a everyday conversation. I did the same. I hate this, I hate that. Hate is a very strong word, I don’t think we should use it. And we don’t have to use it.

Do you know Confucius? This guy came up with so many good advices, some of them can be a really good guideline for a happy life. Related to this one specific word, he said:



If you hate a person, then you’re defeated by them.


Think about it! Even when it’s orange juice – you don’t want to confess you got defeated by some pressed fruits. Look, always keep in mind: What you say will not just affect people around you, it also will affect how you think about things. What you say might become reality, even just your reality. Be aware of what you say and what you think. It makes a huge difference.


What do you think? Do you use the word very often? How can you avoid saying it?