Top 5 Things to do in KL

Youre going to Kuala Lumpur and you dont know what to do? These are my personal Top 5 Activities in KL:

1.       Chinatown

Chinatown is well known for its vibrant market. You can buy or clothes and accessoires, fruit juices and of course food. Ditch the shopping part, the best thing to do is: Eat! My recommendation: Try the indian restaurants and also the Nyonya food stalls. Its so delicious. A meal with drink wont cost you more than $7!


2.       Petrona Towers

Classic. Its THE tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur and you should have a look at it. I really like the architecture! You want the greatest view? Try No. 3….


3.       HeliBar

Did you ever have a fancy cocktail on a helipad? Then look no further: HeliPad KL is the best place to have a drink and enjoy the great view. Its a bit weird that they dont have any fences or something similar, but youre not allowed to approach the edge of the building anyway.


4.       PS150

No, i dont want to buy toys. You will understand, when you talk to the guy sitting on his desk inside the toy store. Speakeasy bar near Chinatown. Good luck, and pssst 😉

5.       Lot 10

If youre in desperate need of some special sort of clothing, electronic or food! Thats the place you will find it!

Have you been to Kuala Lumpur? How did you spend your time there?