Starting a new life

“Today’s the day!” came to my mind as i woke up in my villa in Bali. I just wanted to have a nice place to relax in before I make my way to Australia. To Down Under. To Melbourne. Now my trip through Asia is finished. So many great memories, so many bright and sunny days full of adventures. But hey, that means i have to keep that lifestyle up! Suddenly i felt this wave of euphoria. The unknown, the infinite number of possibilities. I will spend a year in a place where I haven’t been before. On the other hand, I spend around ten months in Asia now – so can’t be that hard 😉

After a five hour flight vom Denpasar to Melbourne Tullamarine I finally got off the plane. As i walked along the airport hallway I decided that I have to change certain things in my life. A pilot also has to adjust his route and so do I. There was this smile on my face, because I knew that I am in charge of myself. Nobody else. Thats good – because that means I can do what I want and don’t have to justify myself.

The smile got even bigger as the SkyBus (best and most convenient transport from Airport to City) dropped me in the middle of the city. It was not as hot as in Denpasar, it was spring in Melbourne. The first stroll through this amazing city felt so good, it seemed to be the right decision. After I arrived at my hostel I left my backpack in the locker and went out to see more of this mesmerizing city.

„G’day, Mate – how are ya?” asked the friendly barista at a coffeeshop in Degrave St. This is exactly what people told me, and it sounds so nice! You wonder how you could properly say G’day Mate? Let me give you a little hint – just say: Good eye, might! Thats how it sounds when an Aussie says it. So I sat down with my coffee and just looked at people. It feels so unreal to sit here in Melbourne, in Australia. On the other side of the world. I felt super excited (yeah, could be the caffeine as well :D) and walked around the CBD. Melbourne does have a high population of Asian people, you will immediately recognize that. It adds something interesting to it – and also reduces the reversal culture shock after spending a long time in Asia 😉

Back in the hostel I checked Gumtree, that’s the most used platform to find cars/flats/jobs etc. Not even one hour later I was invited to a couple of house inspections. Unfortunately it was a bit disappointing, the houses were all rocked up and far off the city. One thing you will learn during traveling is „Learn from mother nature, be patient“. A few hours later a friend from home sent me a message that her friend, which lives in Melbourne, is offering me a place to stay. WOW! Problem solved! I moved in the day after my arrival and was welcomed to the „Zulu Hut“ with an amazing Aussie BBQ. Life can’t be better.

Still, you have to figure out some stuff before you really can start living in this country:

(it goes withouth saying that you need a visa first)

  • You need a place to stay (sorted!)
  • You need a TFN – Tax File Number for getting a job
  • You need an Australian Bank Account
  • You need a SIM-Card

It took me like two days to sort this stuff out. Of course you have to wait for the letters to arrive from bank and tax office – but still, once you applied for it you’re good to go. The next few days were just networking, making friends and looking for a possibility to work.

Not even two weeks later I got myself a job as bartender. Not too bad, hey? As Australia is completely different to Europe in terms of required qualifications, you just need some experience and a RSA Certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol). The job was fun, sometimes a bit annyoing though since my manager was a bit socially awkward. I feel sorry for him. Anyway, this experience was so beneficial for my personal growth and also for expanding my skill set.

Unfortunately I had to move out soon of my lovely flat, the Zulu Hut. The next place i moved in was located in Brunswick, an area located 15min off the city center of Melbourne. Not even two hours after I moved into my new place I already felt like home. Its so much easier to get a place to stay here in Australia than at home. My flatmates were so welcoming and invited me to several houseparties and we also had a couple of big nights out 😉

I really felt great. I noticed that so many things changed since I arrived there. So many open-minded people, so much acceptance, so multicultural, so much progress in their heads. Of course its a challenge to start a new life somewhere else, but when you really want it the right possibilities will come across and you will also make the right decisions. I am really grateful for all the things happened in this short amount of time.

Melbourne, I love you (but not your volatile weather)


Have you been to Melbourne? What do you think about Australia?