Moluccas: Hidden Paradise

Did you ever hear about the Moluccas? Nah? Me neither, until a dive instructor in Indonesia told me about it. Its far off. Really far away. The island of choice was Banda Neira. The problem is, how to get there? It wasn´t a big problem. I just had to take three planes. And a boat. And a motorbike. And i had to run a lot in between, since there was a lot of delay at the airport and no one knows how to speak english. So i could prove my knowledge in Bahasa Indonesia. Anyway, after around 10h comfortable transport i arrived: Banda Neira! The nature and the whole surrounding was just jaw-dropping!


Since its not a big island you really can feel the community vibe there. What really surprised me is the fact muslims and christians are living together here so peacefully. You might wonder why i came all the way to this island? Yes – because of diving. Its hammerhead season and thats a thing i cant miss out. Unfortunately we just spotted one hammerhead, but still it was so worth it.

Theres also a volcano in Banda Neira, Gunung Api. Did you ever hear about the Ring of Fire? After I finished my diving package (ten dives in this surrounding is not enough, trust me!) and waited for the nitrogen to leave my body, I started to climb that volcano! Never had such a great view…

The Moluccos are also known for its big nutmeg industry. I didnt know that! The local guide showed us their plantations and we had a chat to the people working there. All the workers were really proud of their farm and their products. We also tasted some sort of nutmeg spread, it was d-licious!

Have you ever been to Indonesia? What is your favorite part in this amazing country?