How to determine what you really want

I am sure – maybe recently – you had the situation to choose between two options. Sometimes it’s hard to choose. I can’t help making the decision for you, but I can show you how to determine what you really think about your two options and which one you prefer. It’s super easy and doesn’t take much effort. Call it a life hack 😉

Step one – Ask yourself the question which needs to be answered! What do you have to find out or what do you have to do? Usually you’ve got a couple of answers ready.

Example: Should I really go and do XYZ? What should i do if ABC?

Step two – Now think of two possible answers. Not three, not four – only two! You don’t have to be sure yet which one to choose.

Example: It’s eiter YES or NO. I will do THIS or THAT.

Step three – Ok, that might sound a bit ridiculous or too simple. Still, you won’t loose anything if you do it: Flip a coin! The reason behind that is not destiny, it’s your way of feeling about your two options. What you have to do is: Get a coin. State what happens if head or count. Imagine the consequences of both answers. Now flip the coin as high as you can, the more time you got the better. During the coin flips you will start to think. „I hope it’s head as i really want to go there/do this etc.“ – just observe what’s happening in your mind while you flip the coin. It puts you in exactly the same position when someone else is making the decision for you. You either agree or disagree. Based on that you will determine what you want or what you not want.


Did you ever flip a coin? Which question did you answer with it? Tell me about your experience!