Best things to do in Melbourne

You havent been to the capital state of Victoria? Trust me, you should. There are reasons why this mesmerizing city is voted six times in a row for being the worlds’s most liveable city. Living in this city just feels great. Its like a fusion of western and asian culture.

1. Street Art

Melbourne is famous for its street art. Probably the most popular place for tourists is Hosier Lane, right next to the CBD. Its very interesting to walk around this area, it constantly changes and also you should pay attention to the details – best example was the US Presidential Election.  Dont forget to check out the Fitzroy and Collingwood area, you can find heaps of high quality graffiti and other art. Some of them are well hidden, so its a bit of an adventure to discover these stunning pieces. When youre already there, make sure you check out the cozy little coffee shops and bars.

2. Clubbing

When in Melbourne, you should definitely go to Chapel Street for a big night out. My club of choice would be Revolver, and if you want to stretch your night a bit more – Breakfast Club just next door is the place to be for an extensive celebration. You dont feel like having a boogie? Fancy some cocktails in a great atmosphere? Then head to Toff in Town which is located on Swanston Street. You can also try the Brunswick area for hip bars, smalls cafes and new exotic eateries.

3. Food

Doesnt matter how hard you try, you just cant resist the diversity of Melbournes food culture. This city is big in asian food, middle eastern and also mediterranean cuisine. If you’re on a budget you will find lots of cheap places to eat, but also mid-range and high end restaurants are available. The area of Fitzroy and Collingwood is perfect to check out some new „hip“ stuff, while Southbank and the area along Yarra River is more up-marked and high priced.

4. Art

Interested in art? Perfect! ACMI and also the NGV are always worth a visit. While ACMI is more into technology, NGV does have great exhibitions like Hokusai and other famous artists. In addtion to that, lots of less known artists host their own exhibtions around the city – just have a look on Facebook or check posters and blackboards around the CBD.


Floor view, how does that sound? Check out the Eureka Skydeck for a stunning view over the city. If you dont want to spend money on entrance fee, go to Lui Bar and have a fancy cocktail while you take rest from the busy city life.


Have you been to Melbourne? What are your top picks? Tell me about your experience!