A weird EGGsperience

No. Thats not a misspelling. I am talking about a weird experience, involving Balut – a fertilized duck egg sold as streetfood in philippines. Unfortunately i cant provide you any photos, at the same time you will be glad not seeing it 😉

Everything started with my arrival in Moalboal, Cebu. I thought its a great place to hang out for a bit, go diving and experience the surrounding. As it was my first time in this amazing country I really wanted to experience the local culture – Couchsurfing is a great way to start into an adventure and engange with locals. Thats where the fun starts! Grace, Philip and Verge were accepting my request and we had a great time. These lovely human beings showed me the well known Kawasan Falls, some hidden beaches in the surrounding, a coconut tree farm and also how to cook some proper filipino food! Yum!

Speaking of food… After we went diving (all of them are working at a well known diveshop) we had a couple of decompression beers at THE bar in Moalboal – Andi’s Talisay – while watching the sun and taking photos. As the night began to fall, suddenly two of them disappeared and came back with this bag full of food. Grace and Verge asked me: „Hey, Martin – are you hungry?“

Of course i am. Always. Both of them started to smile, that was what they wanted to hear. It was super dark at the bar, the only light you saw was from a chain of lights and the moon. They opened their mysterious bag and i was wondering what they will feed me. As Verge opened the bag he announced that i am about to experience some real filipino delicacies. I didnt know what to expect really.

Ok, lets do this. First thing to try was shaped like a stick. I didnt ask what it is, i just wanted to experience it. The first bite. Ok, i can taste salt. Its also a bit chewy. OMG, its a chicken claw. I was fairly disgusted. I cant finish it. A sip of my San Miguel will flush the weird taste away. This wasnt delicious at all. But theres always someting more disgusting. But at this stage i didnt know.

„Did you hear about Balut?” Philip asked? Nope. Never heard about it. This was when a couple of locals moved on closer towards us. Pretty much everybody started to smile and some of them started to laugh. I heard some chatter in visayan, mixed with english. „Alright tell me what it is Philip!“ – i wanted to know what i am eating there in the darkness. He came up with the explanation. It didnt make it any better. Trust me. Balut is a fertilized duck egg. Its aged between 14 and 21 days. The older, the more developed the duck-embryo will be. I ate a 14 day old egg.

„Use some vinegar, salt and chili“ said Grace, which already seemed to feel a bit sorry for what i am about to experience. Alright, lets chuck on some seasoning and then i will have a bite.  Uagh. The sour, spicy and also salty taste combined with the watery fluid and the crunchiness was just overwhelming. I am eating an embryo. Oh hot damn! THAT IS DISGUSTING! As I wanted to be respectful, I finished the balut and ticked the box „Eat Local in Philippines“. Still glad that it was too dark to see what I was eating.

Everybody applauded and they were proud of me. The owner of the bar gave me a free beer to get rid of the aftertaste. What a reward! What an experience! I think this will be a once-in-a-lifetime thing 😉

Have you ever heard about Balut? Would you try it?