A week in Flores

Since a long time i am dreaming of diving in Komodo National Park. Here we go: Flores, located in the Coral Triangle, does have one of the world best dive spots! Most of the people are doing liveaboards, which means you will spend around three or four days on a boat – up to three or four dives per day. Our boat was more for younger people like me, also the crew was young and very knowledgeable.


As we started, the crew gave us a short briefing and told us what we will do. I found it really good they didnt tell us what we „can“ expect. Because you cant really expect or guarantee seeing any animals – because theyre wild! Nevertheless i really wanted to see a manta ray and some sharks. The flamboyant cuttlefish or a blue ringed octopus would be super amazing, but lets keep it realistic… Just three hours after departure we got in our wetsuits and jumped into the water, with a tank full of fresh air and some weights on!




WOW! The underwater world was just stunning. Again, i think pictures describe it better than words could do it.

Of course, when in Komodo you really should check out the Komodo Dragons! It looks and also feels like some sort of Jurassic Park – never saw this sort of vegetation paired with Komodo Dragons! The guides told us many facts about their behaviour and preferences. Glad to hear i’m not on the menu! It took us one day to get around the National Park area. I am still so impressed by all the things i saw. Its so remote and still people are coming from all over the planet to see and experience this very special place.

This was everything Flores has to offer? Oh, i was soo wrong! After a chat with other travelers and locals i was convinced to do a trip to the Kelimutu Lakes.  Never heard of that? Same here. A friendly old woman (could me my indonesian grandmother) served me some really delicious Beef Rendang – and showed me photos of this amazing place. Unfortunately I had to take a plane to go there, but the view was just amazing…