About waves and a missing finger

​I am sure you heard of El Salvador. And I’m even more certain that what you heard was related to crime. There’s no point to cover up on this, because it’s true – a lot of bad things happen there. Most of these issues should not affect travelers as it’s gang related crime, the locals would call them “Maras”. Everywhere on this planet we can find crime, we have to be on the lookout doesn’t matter where we are. But when there’s shadow, there’s also light.

Welcome to El Tunco, a great place in this tiny country. You love to surf? You are attracted to the beach and the sun? You can’t get enough of the great Central American food? Well, look no further – this might be the right place for you! El Tunco is not a classic “hidden paradise” anymore, still it’s worth a visit. Local surfers and others from all over the world get attracted by this place at the Pacific Coast. With a good reason: black sand beaches, perfect waves and amazing sunsets. Also the surrounding of El Tunco offers heaps for a “not-so-much-into-the-beach-person” (I am actually wondering if that’s possible ;))

My new amigos gave me their recommendation, which I added to the following days To-Do List: Check out the Fish Market in La Libertad. If you love fresh seafood, this is the place where you want to be. At the weekend people from San Salvador, the capital, are coming down for some quality time with their friends & family. If you don’t feel like eating in one of the cozy  seaside restaurants you can easily buy some fish for cooking at your place. The bus ride from El Tunco is $0.25 and takes around 10-15min. Once you’re in the bus people will offer you different sorts of candy, soft drinks or other stuff you might need in the next few minutes during your trip 😉

El Salvador is famous for volcano hiking and also for some stunning waterfalls. Well, some local people told me to stay away from the waterfall near El Tunco since a few weeks ago some guys tried to mug a girl which was hiking around the area. She resisted the robbery and they cut off one of her fingers… That’s what they told me. Again, this could happen somewhere else as well.

One last thing: If you are currently traveling through Centro America – don’t skip El Salvador. It’s a beauty and even though it’s not on the travelers list, give it a try!

Have you been to El Salvador? Tell me about your experience!

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