Wildlife in my bed 

Hey there, first of all: Happy New Year! Hope you had some days off to enjoy the festivities with your friends and family. Now it’s 2018 – any New Year resolutions? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

Where should I start? Ok – after some laidback days at the Pacific Coast in Mexico I made my way to San Christobal de las Casas. This is one of the most beautiful historical cities in Mexico, so that sounds pretty cool right? But take a look behind the scenes: This involved a 11h nightbus (I thought it’s 17h) and a temperature difference of around 20°C! Not what I expected 😀 on top of that some travelers told me to be careful, as in the past buses got hijacked at night.

A hot shower, amazing coffee and some delicious pastry followed by a private tour through the city with the hostel owner made me forget about the uncomfortable ride through the night. We saw a lot of indigenous people – Mayans – walking around and it felt like discovering a different country. Great to see they are very inclusive towards their natives, not like in other countries… Just one thing made me being a bit concerned: As mexicans are really into their fireworks they sell it everywhere, also directly next to the Taco stalls on the street – which are all operating with open fire. And for some reason heaps of people smoked around this area. As long nothing happens, right…

San Christobal was definitely too cold for me, so I decided to make a move towards the Carribean Coast of Mexico. That’s 24h on a nightbus (yaaay!) or a 70min flight. As flight and bus were almost the same price I chose transport per aviation 🙂 Next stop: Cancun. Mexicos hotspot for their favorite kind of tourists – Americans. The first (and last) day in Cancun made me laugh, seriously! Prices around Zona Hoteleria are displayed in Dollars and around 10x higher than the usual prices. The beach was too crowded in my opinion, still I have to admit the water was muy bonita (very nice). You will feel very safe here, there’s police everywhere and also they always make sure to bring the biggest gun available. What’s the common opinion about guys with ridiciously big cars 😉

Months ago I heard about an island called Isla Holbox (the X is pronounced as ‘sch’) which is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas at. They’ve also got some nice streetart, beaches and of course delicious food. Holbox is well known for their whale sharks, so you can jump on a boat and the fishermen will take you out to see them. I’m not a big fan as they feed the animals and that’s why I won’t promote to participate on that sort of tour – the ocean is not a zoo, guys!

Christmas Day itself was pleasant, a bunch of people gathered at the beach and I prepared some Margaritas for them. For dinner we had some local catch – the Holbox Lobster! Guess what happened on Christmas Day, just before I went to bed 😀 This french hippie girl occupied the bed which was supposed to be mine (also she took my christmas presents with her?!) but as she was sleeping I didn’t want to wake her up, so I also went to bed (I took hers). Not even 20min later she woke up, switched on her flashlight – and started to scream like a freakin’ lunatic! Turns out there’s a huge black scorpion in her bed 😀 She asked us to catch and kill the scorpion for her. Nice one, Hippie-Girl! Thanks for taking my bed and have fun with my your presents 😉 (the hat won’t suit you anyway!) You might not believe it, but I’m glad she noticed the scorpion before something bad happened – nobody wants to go to a Mexican Hospital on Christmas. Oh wait, they don’t even have a hospital there…

Anyway – after the busy Christmas Days I wanted to go diving again. Have you ever been to an Underwater Museum? Well, if not you definitely should try MUSA next to Isla Mujeres. Unfortunately it was similar-ish to Cancun, so just packed with people. Still a nice place to stay, if you pick the right area.

My last destination in Mexico was Tulum. Does that ring a bell? It’s well known for the Cenotes, beaches and Ruins. Guess what, I managed to see all of these places. The trip to the ruins Cobá was a bit disappointing, but it was an adventure: I rocked up without any money (not on purpose), nearly fainted (also not on purpose) and managed to climb the 60 steps to the ruins top (yep, on purpose!). My first problem was: I forgot my cash at the hostel. Followed by a 20min walk to an out-of-service ATM in the blazing sun. This is why I nearly fainted – some really lovely people from a restaurant helped me to recover myself and also they were really helpful with my ATM problem. If you read this – you’re the best!!!

As the days passed by, we approached the end of the year. How can you make sure to end 2017 in a proper way? Go diving! Well, I’m not a big fan of confined spaces but still I wanted to try Cave Diving. This is so special! Not that much daylight, next to no marine life and even less space to move. I was slightly nervous, but after some time I got used to it. So I can tick that off my Bucket List!

The day ended with a fingerlickin’ good dinner (not at KFC tho) fireworks and Margaritas. And a party at the beach. And another one at a nightclub. I’m ready for 2018, although my mind is still in ’17. It was a great year for so many reasons, lots of things happened. Still there’s room for more – especially personal developement. Is this related to the famous New Years Resolutions? Well, to change something you don’t have to wait until a new year begins. You can start straight away.

Guys, all the best for the New Year! Thanks for reading! If you didn’t subscribe yet – do it! While I’m off to Belize you can tell me about your New Years Resolutions in the comment section below!

Hasta luego,


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