Viva la México!

​Hola mis amigos! As you might know I am in beautiful Mexico sind a couple of days. Arriving in the capital city was not quite how I expected it to be. Coming from New Zealand to Mexico City is a huge change. Heaps of people, smog and noise. As you can tell by my skin, I am the “Gringo” – what makes it hard to blend in. A lack of spanish and not being familiar with the place contributes to my thought “something’s wrong”. Yep – I left the safe environment of Oceania, now it’s all about staying safe and on the bright side. Horror stories from people I met the first days didn’t make it any better.

“Well, you knew that before you came here” I said to myself and started to work out a plan for the first days in the country which was completely new to me. After a couple of days in CDMX  (Ciudad de Mexico, City of Mexico) I decided to move on to Tepoztlan – a beautiful and chill place an hour away from the capital. There’s a pyramid on top of a mountain and climbing it was my goal for this afternoon. Unfortunately the earthquake a few months ago destroyed it – so I found another alternative…

How good was that! Finally having some fresh air to breathe and great landscape to see. Such a difference to the busy city life. The next following days I spent on hanging out in nature (and also 9h in this night bus which turned out to be a nightmare). If you ever go to Oaxaca, go to Hierve de Agua – a natural infinity pool right on top of some mountains. The view is muy incredible…


Since hiking and exploring is super demanding you have to make a break and slow down for a bit – that’s what I said. A friend from Australia gave me the advice to visit Puerto Escondido, followed by Zipolite. Both of those places are well known for incredible sunsets, delicious food and just a great vibe. That’s what I really needed. Having chilled coconuts on the beach while brainstorming new business ideas feels great and keeps me productive (its like purchasing liquid inspiration ☺). During my stay on Mexicos Pacific Coast I met a bunch of interesting people which are also passionate entrepreneurs, wise old souls or even kids which been through some hard times. Once more I learnt to value health and mental wellbeing – which we take for granted.

By the way, if you visit Puerto Escondido my recommendation would be to stay with Casa Daikiri. It’s a great place which you can’t find on the major booking platforms. That said, please be advised to stay a way from the beach when it’s dark and avoid to wander around alone night. So far, so good! I will go for a swim now, tomorrow i’ll have another 17h bus ride to San Christobal de las Casas  (which will be fun).

What’s the common opinion about Mexico in your country?

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